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Emily Nelson, Licensed Massage Therapist


Swedish Massage is a traditional form of basic strokes studied in the US. It involves stimulating the production of red blood cells and lymphocytes: the bodys' natural defense against illness. Studies have shown the long term benefits of frequent and regular swedish massage lowers stress levels, boosts seratonin and dopamine levels in the brain, and improves overall sleep.

Neuromuscular Therapy pin points areas of distress or "knots" in the soft tissue of muscle fibers. A lack of oxygen, adequate sleep, and proper hydration can lead to acidic tissues causing unnecessary tension in the body. By targeting tight areas of muscle, appropriate pressure is applied to release the build up of toxins that get trapped in the tissues. Communication is very important to avoid using too much pressure as the body can resist treatment, causing therapeutic discomfort.   

Pulsing and Rebalancing uses rhythmic, rocking motions to create space between areas of tension and resistance in the body. Many feel there's a connection between physical and emotional tension in the body and that releasing those locked away grievances is possible through movements large and small. A feeling of safety and relaxation is common as the body is encouraged to heal from the inside out. Clients also benefit from increased flexibilty and range of motion. For comfort clients can wear loose fitting clothing during their session.

Myofascial Release works with all layers of fascia (connective tissue) in the body. From superficial to deep layers, this massage style decreases directional tension in the body with little to no lotion/cream. Clients may experience a warming or pulling sensation on the skin as the fascia releases. It is a slow, mindful technique of allowing the body to unwind when it is ready. Stretches can also be applied to specific areas to encourage the body to unwind at a comfortable pace.

Orthopedic Sports Massage can be beneficial for anyone. You need not be an athlete to gain range of motion, joint mobility and flexibility. With the use of passive and active stretches, the body can regain postural alignment and relief. For training athletes massage can be useful before and after sporting events and throughout training months. Studies have shown that receiving massage within 24 hours of exercise helps muscles retain flexibility and tone. Clients may prefer to bring comfortable sports wear for the massage. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage stimulates the relaxation response throughout the body. Due to the slow strokes and light pressure, excess lymph fluid gets filtered back into the blood stream and jump starts the draining process. Swelling and tightness decreases with results that can be seen and measured. This body work is especially beneficial for those with swelling due to an injury, and anyone with high levels of stress. LDM helps clients relax deeply by stimulating alpha brain waves, giving clients a restful feeling without actually falling asleep. Scheduling multiple appointments is ideal during changes of seasons or times of increased stress to help the immune system clear impurities out of the body.

Reflexology falls under the umbrella of massage as it supports the organ systems of the body. There are contact points on the feet, hands and ears that "wake up" different organs of the body. By improving organ function, results can be felt for weeks after a session. Common after effects are the best nights sleep of your life and increased kidney function. Always feeling under the weather? Can't seem to shake a cold? Are your hearing and/or eyesight not what it used to be? Digestive issues? Reflexology can help! Clients are encouraged to begin sessions with a calming foot bath for maximum relaxation. Due to areas of work, clients can expect to stay clothed during session. 

Thai Foot Massage can be a very social thing. With its' roots in India, you can find markets lined with people receiving Thai foot work on a daily basis. Using the SEN lines of energy in the lower legs and feet, this work helps the nervous system of the body. It is similar in the way Reflexology helps energize the organs. By clearing the SEN lines of unwanted tension, the nervous system can function fully to keep blood flow, oxygen and energy levels in tip top shape. Sessions begin with a calming foot soak and incorporate tiger balm throughout the session to achieve added benefits with the use of essential oils. Clients can expect to stay clothed during session.

'Purity, trustworthiness, Buddha, virtuous man; these are what the lotus signifies.'

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