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Emily Nelson, Licensed Massage Therapist


Aroma Mist is the diffusion of essential oils during a session. Our sense of memory is strongly linked to our sense of smell, creating a subconscious layer of relaxation during bodywork. This is a great upgrade to any session. $5

Healing Foot Soak is a cozy way to start any session. This warm foot bath uses various teas and essential oils to deeply relax your feet. A scented Lotus Box foot scrub makes this delectable. $10

Healing Sound Bath Series Our bodies have a natural rhythm and frequency. Using the music of Tibetan singing bowls the body can become centered and grounded again. Upgrade your session for a truly indulgent experience! $5-$20

Healing Scalp Series Choose between 15 or 30 minutes of delectable scalp and neck work. This is great for treating headaches, stress, and neck pain. $20-$40

Thai Foot Massage is a daily occurrence over seas. It's a wonderful way to energize the entire central nervous system. The clients' lower legs and feet are deeply relaxed. $20-$40

Monthly Massage Special Enjoy a lovely foot and scalp massage while essential oils calm your senses. Tibetan singing bowls will lull you into a deep state of relaxation while balancing your chakra points. $65

Partner Massage Workshop Bring a friend and learn massage techniques with Healing Lotus Massage. Time will be divided in half to give each person a chance to receive massage. Choose between foot work or hand and arm work to enjoy a 4 handed massage. Aroma Mist is included in this service. Note: Clients will remain clothed during workshop. $70

Healing Massage Series This service ranges between 30-120 minutes and combines many massage styles into one session. Clients discuss what areas need to be worked on before start time. Note: Longer sessions can address more areas. Please visit the techniques tab for a complete list of massage training. $40-$140

Healing Sports Massage Series Clients are guided through a warm up routine before focusing on sports massage techniques. Improve muscle tone, flexibility, and range of motion with active isolated movements. This service ends with cool down stretches that allow clients to explore new movement with low impact. Note: Stretching accounts for 30 minutes of session time. $70-$140

Healing Reflexology Series This service ranges from 30-90 minutes. Reflexology is the practice of improving the function of the body through reflex points on the feet, hands and ears. Many different body systems benefit from this service and the positive effects are felt for weeks afterwards. Note: Sales tax is included in price. $42.80-$107

Healing Lymphatic Series Lymphatic drainage massage is incredibly beneficial for the body. Our lymphatic system is very closely linked to many other bodily functions. For example; it is what aches when we are sick, and what swells when we are injured. This type of massage helps clear out lymphatic pathways, enabling the body to get back to good health quickly. Because our lymph is just under the skin, this massage is very soft and slow. It is quite easy for clients to dose off! Note: Iowa massage law prohibits bodywork while surgical tubes are still in place. Clients with cold and flu like symptoms are contagious and should wait at least two weeks after illness before scheduling. Thank you for your cooperation. $40-$140

Heavenly Head To Toe Series This service combines Thai foot and scalp massage to give the feeling of a full body session, from head to toe! Bask in the positive effects of this relaxing service. Note: Clients will remain clothed during session. $70-$140

Healing Lotus Event Massage Do you have an event you would love us to attend? Healing Lotus Massage is for hire! Spice up your next get together with chair massage and impress your friends and family with this relaxing treat. We'll bring the supplies to make your next event a success. Note: Price includes travel expenses, set up and clean up time. Clients must schedule a minimum of 60 minutes. Clients may add extra time in 30 minute intervals for an additional cost of $40 per 30 minutes. Clients agree to a screening process to discuss event details prior to the event. (Ie: Sign up sheets, massage volume, venue parking, etc.) Starts at $80

'When the heart is open, the lotus blossoms where there appeared to be no lotus.'

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